What do you get when you take 4 little boys and 2 little girls to a fabric store? I wondered if I had lost my mind! It really turned out pretty good, they all sat and looked at pattern books whicle my sister and I went through the decorator fabrics! With some of the prices of decorator fabric is almost cheaper to buy the curtains than make them!! That is awful! Anyone know where to get cheap sheer decorator fabric?

I went to JC Pennys today as they are having their clearing out semi annual sale and I had a gift card there. I bought several pairs of pants and set for the boys to wear. They were pretty good prices!

Anyhow, it is night again and I am tired out! Our car is acting up and I am worried about it. I think sometimes I should learn some mechanics so I could look in the engine and know what I am looking for and then I would know if it looks normal or not.

Anyhow, I am thinking about going out for a cup of tea soon one of these nights! When things get too stressful and I don't I break out in hives and I do not want that to happen. It is more comfortable to go sit in silence at a local resteraunt and sip tea that you can make at home for pennies, but it the silence I pay for. I do not know why my body reacts thi way to stress, it is very uncomfortable, but that is how it tells me “Calm down, relax, trust God, don't keep everything inside.”

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  1. Phyllis

    I’m curious. How did you end up with a Russian husband?

  2. Martha

    Long story!!! Are Russian women never stressed? = ) The short one is that we were friends with Fred’s brother and family, visited his family in Mn and he came to visit us and in their typical way of moving fast, asked me to mary him when I barely knew him. I liked him so accepted and we were married when we barely knew each other. I knew his brother better than him! God has blessed me in spite of our fast start with wonderful husband!

  3. Lilyofthevalley4

    Take some time to relax, Martha! If I lived closer, I’d join you for a cup of tea. 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Get the chilton or haynes manual for your car. Usually they sell them at auto parts places. Ask at the parts desk if you can’t find them on the floor, because sometimes they have to special order them. Depending on what kind of car you have, they might have to special order it anyway. Usually the books cost between $15-$50, depending on exactly which one it is. The books that cover only a single type of vehicle cost less ($15-$20) but if you buy the same sort of vehicle over and over again then the ones that cover a range (i.e. all light trucks made by a specific manufacturer over a period of years or decades) might make more sense, even though they are the ones that cost $50.

    They are meant for home mechanics, not professionals, so they are good for learning and also for double checking what a professional mechanic says.

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