I have gotten really busy and have not had much time to write in the past while. There was not really so many things in particular happening, but I was pretty discoouraged over a few things and that makes things harder. Combine no sleep (teething baby), stress from trying to run the household, our van door latch is not working correctly and I need to figure out where on earth to take it to fix it…..and I don't know what else!

Yesterway went really well still for me, I really want to learn to enjoy teaching and being with my children. I also have some goals of getting more sleep and doing some things other than cooking, cleaning etc.

Well, it is Sunday morning and I should get the boys up to get ready for church.

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  1. Selah

    Hugs…it can be a bit overwhelming when so much seems to be coming undone. Thankfully each season passes. Hopefully that new baby tooth will poke through soon and Mama can get a bit more sleep.

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