you feel ill? This past week I worked really hard as a doula for a client and  missed alot of sleep and meals. Hospitals generally do not allow patients in labor to eat, although there are exceptions, so when you are with the patient and they are not eating, you almost have to sneak to eat and you have matters of minutes sometimes.

I enjoy this job, but the recovery period is a killer! The baby was beautiful and reminded me how I miss having a little baby, but for sure did not  miss labor!

Right now I am simmering a pot of tomatoes on the stove down to sauce, hopefully to probably can as I do not have freezer room. The bowls and pans of fresh tomatoes were overwhelming to me and we have not  gotten a hard freeze yet, although it has been cold and the plants are wilted and I think it is the end of the tomatoes.

We are working on studying Canada and so one place suggested maple syrup. So we had pancakes for dinner with sausage and peaches. I tried this new recipe  made with oatmeal and sour milk. I have alot of sour milk too. It was interesting as it has 1.5 cups oatmeal and only .5 cup flour with 2 cups sour milk.  It was filling and a different dinner for the boys.

Anyhow, I am fighting a cold, exhausted and wishing that I could curl up and sleep like for 24 hours straight.

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  1. Lilyofthevalley

    Hope you get your rest! Today I had to buy tomatoes from the store and I so miss our fresh home growm ones. Just use our last one earlier this week.

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