Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko
Sundin - In Perfect Time
Book Description: (From cover)
Bold, sophisticated, and flirtatious, Army Air Force flight nurse Lt. Kay Jobson collects hearts wherever she flies, leaving men pining in airfields all across Europe. So how can ruggedly handsome C-47 pilot Lt. Roger Cooper be all but immune to her considerable charms? In fact, he seems to do everything he can to avoid her.
Still, as they cross the skies between Italy and southern France, evacuating the wounded and delivering paratroopers and supplies, every beat of their hearts draws them closer to where they don’t want to go. Can they confront the fears and misunderstandings in their pasts?
Sarah Sundin seamlessly weaves together emotion, action, and sweet romance into a tale that transcends time and calls us to believe in the power of love.
My Review:
I can never pick up a Sarah Sundin book without expecting something great! She takes characters that are imperfect, with flaws, and tells a story that almost everyone can relate to. They have pain in their pasts, they make mistakes or don’t believe they are worth more than what they already have to offer. She takes their stories and shows how God believes they are worth more than that.
She works the story, with the history of the time so that you learn a ton of history without realizing it. I have never been disappointed yet with a Sarah Sundin book and I know you will not be either.
I really related with Roger more than Kay, in this book, which is unusual for me, but Ms. Sundin captured the essence of someone that has a lot of talent, but has believed for so long they are not capable of reaching those dreams, that they just gave up.
You will want to read this book if you love historical fiction, and if you don’t love historical fiction, you have to try her books, because you will fall in love!
As far as if you are looking for a historical read for your teen, because Ms. Sundin does address some issues in her books, including the fact that Kay portrays herself as a flirt and “loose”, leads to some less than savory encounters which would need to be discussed with your teen if she reads it. I think it could be a great learning experience, both because of the history, but also in discussing how our parents words really can effect us in our lives. This story addresses a hard topic of how parents need to believe in their children and say encouraging words to build their children up to give them the best advantage in life.
So, in conclusion…don’t wait to buy this book! Head out and buy it now, and pick up her others if you haven’t read them either! I aim to own every book she writes!

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  1. sarahsundin

    Martha – thank you for the lovely review! I’m so glad you enjoyed the story!

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