I have heard all kinds of stuff on this lately, maybe because it is so hot here lately when it is not usually, makes me shake my head and wonder "What on earth is true?" <p> I heard a  short talk on PrimeTime America  today about  this subject and it was really interesting. There was a scientist who was also a believer who was speaking on how the thought that  man produced global warming is pretty much  non-existent. <p> I do not usually post things like this, but I found this interesting! <p> He recommended this site in his talk, Junk Science<p> It was interesting……. it made me think about how God has things under control, not that I thought He did not.<p> On that thought, I bought a enviromentally friendly  laundry soap today at Costco. It  was supposed to do 125 loads in a regular washing machine, but it is also HE soap and uses about half of the amount  (which was small to begin with)  for a HE washing machine. It was  about $11 for the tub and if it is true, it may do over 200 loads, which makes it good value as well.  We’ll see what a good job it does on some stinky laundry of the boys. <p> I am freezing raspberries, and made french toast for dinner with the abundance of bread we ended up with. We have been eating alot of eggs this past week as  bread and eggs were on sale this week.  T. is finishing off the end of the homemade raspberry vanilla ice cream and the other boys are off to Keepers of the Faith boys club with their father, so it is sort of quiet..<p>

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    Hello, found your blog off of Biblical womanhood. While I don't disagree with you that God has everything under control, throughout the Bible, God indicates he allows people to experience the consequence of their actions. As poor stewards of the earth's resources, the consequences are the global warming which 99.999999 % of scientists agree with. I don't doubt it is all under his control, but even our loving Father will allow us to make choices concerning our salvation, he will also allow us to experience the consequences of selfish, destructive living.

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