The time is coming for school to begin again and while I am thrilled on one hand to get back to learning, I had a mini panic attack today while looking at the calendar. Summer sort of whisked by. The death of my aunt impacted me much more than I thought, and seemed to eat away the summer months. I am so glad we got to spend time together though! 

We have a large family room/rec room. I generally keep it empty, but have been trying to decide what would be a better use of it. I would rather keep the kids out of the office/library area, unless doing school and maybe do more in the rec. room. 

However it is nice to have the open area for running and playing in the winter. I think though that I could make it conducive to both. 

Right now, it is very, very messy… messy the pictures are not really blog friendly! So, you will have to imagine a bit more. I may post before pictures after I get it cleaned, but until then, you will have to wonder in horror! 

We will be using MFW again, but I found some ideas which I am going to use that I think will make things a little easier on me during basketball season! 

This blog post on School on the go gave me some ideas!  I am going to be working on a version of this and I will take pictures!

I also found this post on Helping the disorganized student and I have a few of those! 

This was another post on that same blog about planning out your school year

Then of course, 5 fabulous ways to use legos in learning

So many ideas! I sit here in surrounded by my stacks of books and feeling slightly overwhelmed. I still need to put away last years books that we finished long ago and replace them with next years set! 

The laundry list is a mile long of all I want to accomplish, but over all, I want to remember to take a breath. Breath and let go of some of my expectations as I know that sometimes that can be better for all of us! 

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