I know alot of people avoid eating out when they are on a budget, and we are no exception! It was fun this past week to go to IHOP and eat out for under $10 with all the pancakes and a large salad I bought, everyone was full! <p> We discovered though something there they are offering that may make it so we can out more often! <p> IHOP in our area is offering "Kids eat free" on Mondays and Thursday evenings. When I asked the waitress as there is usually a limit, she said there was not. You just need to purchase one adult meal and you can bring as many kids as you like under the age of 12 and they eat free! <p> I know other  places offer this, like Denny’s and Perkins in some places, so check out your local places to see if when you want that special night out you can make it a cheap one. Just remember to make sure to still tip on the full amount as  the waitress still had to do the same amount of work! <p. Also, don’t forget to call local mom and pop places and ask if they have specials on birthdays or anniversaries! We have a couple of places that offer free dinners around here for those occasions! <p>
Another tip: sign up for the Dairy Queen newsletter  and they send you buy one get one free coupons for Blizzards every month.

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  1. gmisch

    Great tips, Martha! We just got an IHOP in Wasilla and a DQ in Palmer. I will have to check the website out since we go to Palmer for Boy Scouts now. Definitely want to still tip the same. I was once a waitress, and every penny counted with tips!

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