We spent a little more this week on groceries.  I know that is fairly good though for some people, but I do not usually spend quite that much, but I found some good deals this week on some  things that we can use in the coming weeks.
Olives 3 cans .50 a can
 1 can Diced tomatoes .35
Canned ranch beans .50 (for emergencies if I do not have time to cook beans)
2  large cans peaches .50 each
3 small heads Romaine lettuce $1.49
Scott Toilet paper 4 rolls $1.50
LaChoy chicken chowmein dinner $1.50 (Not something I usually buy, but I have been really wanting this for some reason)
Mac and cheese 2 boxes .39 each
Good earth green tea $1
Meatballs $2 (again not something I usually buy, but it was 32 meatballs for $2  and they were good sized  so it will feed us meat for 2 meals)
Celery $1
Popcorn 2 lbs $1.99 (I found it much cheaper later and was thinking about returning this, but was not sure if it was worth it)
Bread- 3 loaves $2.97 (I gave in and bought it for sandwiches this week)
<p> Total $17.58
Super One<p>
3 avocados . 79 each
3-4 tomatoes .79 a pound
1 box Triscuits (crackers)$1.49 on sale coupon .50 cents off .98
2 cans kitchen cleanser .58 each
3 bags tortilla chips .87 each
4 lbs popcorn $2.58
<p> Total: $11.51
4 gallons milk $10.50
4 lbs bananas $1.30
1 #10 can applesauce $2.50
1 #10 can tomato sauce $2
<p> Total $16.30
<p> Total for week $45.39
You can see my menu on one of the previous posts for the week and see that we have several extra things.  I made a large pot of sauce last night  over 2 gallons of spaghetti sauce which will last for  several meals. I splurged on a couple of extra  things as well. <p> Well, it feels weird to be this transparent…..It is not a very healthy week too as you can see!  I think though I have 6 lbs of popcorn which is way too much, maybe the grinding thing will work out though!

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  1. Anonymous

    You did great! Wow, I sure wish I could find avocadoes for that price. Cheapest I've ever seen them is $1 each. And we loooove avocadoes here!
    BTW, I'm Mom2fur of Sortafrugal.blogspot.com

  2. momtogirls5

    I can't believe that you got out of costco for 16.30!!!
    I call it the 100.00 dollar store. That's about the lowest I can get out for.


  3. pbrfans1

    Don't be so hard on yourself! I think there's a great balance of healthy foods….and when your kids start to get picky you just pick your battles. =) That's amazing prices. I hope I can shop for that little when I have a family of 6. =)

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