I woke up to a wonderful drizzly day, cold and almost snowy…..the boys were really excited and so was I! I love being at home when the weather is like this. <p> Anyhow, I had to do a bunch of running today. The brakes on our car have needed to be fixed, I had to pay $500 for car repairs though of misc, like the front brakes and struts and shocks as the brakes sort of fell apart I guess when they were changing the other stuff, but  I told them to leave the back ones and I hired someone else to do them and saved $150.  He is a friend though. Anyhow, I now have to find checks to deposit to pay everything, so back out……eventually we will have to go pick up the car I guess too! <p> I had unexpected company last night as a woman I know from the town I grew up in had some classes and tests down here and instead of driving round trip, she needed some place to study and sleep. It was nice visiting with her! She had started volunteering on the ambulance a bit before I did, and I only was there a short time, but it was nice to catch up on all the stuff there.
<p> So, now, I am thinking about hot tea, cozy blankets and good books…….<p> I have to go grocery shopping and do meal planning too!!! Yikes!!

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