I have been babysitting these last couple weeks in an effort to  get some new clothes. Well, finding the time to go shopping and finding something that fits is another matter. Plus if I take children with me, it is pretty much impossible with ladies dressing rooms etc. So, anyhow, I now have a small amount to spend on some clothes, but not the time really to go and plus I was discouraged when I did stop to look at what was available if I will find anything I like and fits. I have a odd size so it is hard for me to find things the right size, length, waist size etc.
I have decided that I am going to sew myself some new skirts as that is easy, they turn out fairly well if I take a little time with them and I have the material, I think. But I have to find some nice tops which are not as hard to find, but still I do not like sleeves that barely exist and thin fabric that feels like if  one of my sons grabs it in the grocery in an attempt to stay with me, it will tear! I have tried looking online, but it is hard seeing as things are too long, too short, don’t fit the way I want and I waste my money on postage…..

<p> Then of course, I went through the boys clothing and they had enough pretty much. P. could use some new pants as he had only 2-3 pairs and a nice Sunday shirt. I found him a long sleeve cotton one at Walmart for $3, but now his everyday shirts several of them and the other boys got several holes in them…..
I was looking online at Children’s Place as they had some shirts, shoes etc for $5, but then I did not know if they needed them that bad and they had some nice polo shirts, but now they do not…so maybe I will go there if they have any left!
Anyhow, if anyone has any advice on how to stay caught up so no raggedy boys occur and mom does not go without clothes again because the boys tore their shirts to shreds……

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  1. mommy24jewels

    I have four children, two girls and two boys. What I do is keep storage containers in the attic for the outgrown clothes of the oldest ones – organized by size and seasons (winter or summer). That way, I usually have plenty for the youngest boy and girl, but the oldest are the ones I have to buy for. I shop a LOT at consignment sales. Do you do those? I also resell at them too. It works great for us. Also, I hit the mall – Macy's or Kohls Department stores- at the end of season sales. I can buy very nice shirts for less than $5 then. Plus we are very blessed to get hand-me-downs every once in a while.
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  2. drewsfamilytx

    I found some great things at Target this week on clearance. Several pants and shirts for 3.24 or whatever 75% off ended up being.

    Do you have at least a store that usually fits your body type? If you have a store that usually works for you, it's easier to browse the clearance sections. While I don't solely wear skirts, I do wear them more than anything else. They are just so comfortable and feminine and much cooler in this heat than shorts could ever be! I'm glad that they are becoming more and more fashionable b/c it makes for better selection at the stores.

    I hope you find what you need, my friend!

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