Baby’s First Foods: A mother’s Guide to Whole Grains and Family Nourishment
By Theresa Powers<p>
Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko<p>

I just got this book in the mail and it is such a neat book, I was so excited about it, I sat down and read it right off!  T. is 2 now so I am not able to practice some of this baby food stuff on him anymore, but some of the whole grain recipes in this book, I am going to try! <p>

To start out with, this book is beautifully bound in a hardcover with lovely fruits on the cover and the pages are all  a tan color with pretty decorations at the top of each page! It makes you want to read it just to enjoy it’s beauty! This seven chapter book is chock full  of good info!  The chapters are as follows: <p>

  1. Baby Food Basics<p> -Methods and Equipment<p> -Quantity, storage and cost<p> -Is Baby ready?<p>
  2. First Grains, Fruits and Vegetables<p> –Great first grains (The Whole grain, Cooking Grains, Types of Wheat, Beans for added Nutrition,Milling Beans, Cooking Beans, Timing, Grain Combinations to Make<p> -Fruits<p> -Juicing<p> -Vegetables<p>
  3. A Break for Some Old Advice Baby’s clothing
  4. First Foods for 2 Months <p> -Week at a Glance<p> -Daily Menu
  5. First Family Recipes<p> -Introduction<p> -Breakfast: Note Pages<p> -Easy Family Dinners<p> -Sauces/Additions<p> -Your First holiday Dinner: Note Pages<p> Crackers/Cookies:Note Pages<p>
  6. Making Bread from Whole Grain<p> -The Process<p> -Bosch Mixers<p> -Grain Mills<p> -Flakers<p>-The Grains and Just Good info<p>-Definitions/Ingredients<p>-Wholegrain Breads<p>-Tea Breads: note pages<p>
  7. Baby Wisdom<p>-Raising Children to the Lord<p> -Journaling Your babies life stories<p>-Marmee’s Popover bib (project)<p> -Diaper folding: Herbal remedies<p> -Naturally clean baby<p> -Simple Stitches: Make your own bias binding<p> -Postpartum Herb Bath: Make a baby blanket (project)<p>

Don’t let this book fool you, it is not just another baby food guide! It is full of so many wonderful things about whole grains and how to use them in your everyday cooking for your whole family, not just your baby!  I was impressed by the way it was laid out in a appealing way, yet makes you want to feed your baby this way! <p>This book teaches  you how it is cheaper to make your own baby food as well as healthier  for your little one. <p. the last chapters have projects for you to make as well as teaching you about journaling about your baby with examples from  the authors own baby journal. <p> The forward is written by Mrs. Martha Greene from Marmee Dear<p>

This book is available from   Joyous Home   or  Ripe4Harvest
It is 6×9 hardcover format and 127 pages long.  Retail cost  is $17.95. A quick start video  to accompany the book is going to be released in April 2007 and will be available as a set for $29.95

I encourage you to look up this book and buy it for your needs as it really is a book  that will teach you!

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