Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko

Hayden McCarthy is on track to become the youngest partner in her prestigious D.C. law firm . . . if the case she’s just been handed doesn’t destroy her first.

Hayden McCarthy knows firsthand the pain when justice is not served. It’s why she became an attorney and why she’s so driven in her career. When she’s handed a wrongful death case against the government, she isn’t sure if it’s the lucky break she needs to secure a partnership—or an attempt to make sure she never gets there. She keeps the case alive through sheer determination and more than a little creativity, but then she’s fired by a partner with a vendetta.

The longer she keeps the case active, the higher the stakes become. Unknown enemies seem determined to see either the case—or her—die. Should she fight alone for the dead young man by launching her own unfinanced firm, or abandon the case in order to save her own life?

My Review:

A well written legal thriller with a message relevant to our society today. I loved the inside view of immigration, especially illegal immigration and government politics laid out in this story. It is not often that I find myself saying, “Yes, yes!” to a fiction novel, but this one had me wanting people to read it that I know will never think about it with an open mind.

The author is a lawyer, which shows in her writing, but doesn’t take away from the story. The lively tale makes me want to read more of her books!  If you like suspense, a fight for justice and human interest, pick this one up. There is a slight romantic thread throughout, but it is not the focus of the story at all.

The publishing date on this book is April 4, 2017 and is available for preorder. “Beyond Justice” 

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