I thought that I didn't have anything to do today! The phone started ringing this morning and it kept up all day! I do not think it has ever done that! Thankfully it was all people I wanted to talk to or short phone calls. The library is funny though! They have to call when you have a book in and as Bobbi put it “I get my daily library call!” Today I think I got 2 or 3, I don't think they were all together today, A couple were interlibrary loans, so that is why. I order almost everything I read it seems from other libraries so they all know me by name in there! I got some more books on tape for Paul. This time I found they have the unabridged versions of the Little House books on tape/CD. I was excited! Paul has been laying still on my bed for the last few hours, listening to “Little House in The Big Woods”

After the library I went to the 12 hour baking sale. The store was packed full! It turns into a madhouse. I didn't have to wait in line as long this time and bought just a couple things. I thought about going back as they had limits on some stuff, but wasn't sure

#1 If it was honest and

#2 If I want to face the store again! I think I will pass! They had powdered sugar and brown sugar for .68, butter for $1.48, cake mix for .48, stuff like that. I needed to get some Vit. C but could not find the right stuff! I asked and he gestured to the Vitamin aisle and said “It is somewhere here!” It was funny!
I saw a friend in the store too and we were talking while she was waiting in line, but soon people got between us and that was the end! They are moving so I will not see them as much.

I bought a couple cake mixes to have for emergencies, like when Fred needs a sweet cake and wants to buy a store bought one, a cake mix has to be as good for you as that!

Life has not slowed down much, but I have been pretty faithful with school, in spite of all the distractions.

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