"3. yikes on the glass dish breaking in the oven! Is it a gas or electric oven?
4. currently we spend WAY too much on groceries, are you using store ads to shop with or writing a menu first?
5. If you visit /canadagirl on Tuesday (I see her on your friend’s list) she is starting a Tightwad Tuesday meme, I know you have some experience and can help us all lol.

have a great week!
aka /HeartnSoul here at HSB and /desertoasis on HSB2 (homesteadblogger.com"

3. It is a gas oven! I know that it can happen as I have read about it, I  thought about it  as I was basting it.
4. I do use the store ads to see what is on sale and  then look at what I have in the freezer/fridge/cupboard to plan my menu for the week.  Some weeks I spend more than others and some spend less.
5. I will have to visit that blog! Thank you for the tip!

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  1. lilie

    I like your blog!!!


  2. gmisch

    How are you doing? I am doing pretty well up here…but cold! It has been -20 almost every morning for the past several days! I too try to shop the ads, but I can never seem to spend less than $80-$90/week. I guess I have more and older kids, and I think our prices are higher. I am definitely spending less lately though.

    Hope you are all doing well. Let us know about the house loan!


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