52 Things to do this year- Every Monday i am supposed to do one of these things…..

1. Plant Seeds in the house
2. See a homeless person and give him/her some hot food
3. Smile all day at everyone you see
4. Find two out of the ordinary things you can do for two people
5. Read an entire book out loud to your children in one day (more than 3 chapters)
6. Eat something you have never eaten before
7. Invite a friend to lunch
8. Go swimming
9. Ride bike to a friends house
10. Bake cookies to give away
11. Call three people to see how they are doing
12. Write three real letters and mail them
13. Volunteer at the Battered Women’s shelter
14. Decorate a cake
15. Read an old classic book
16. Invite someone over for dinner
17. Make an emergency kit for the house
18. Check all safety devices in house for good batteries etc. Smoke alarms, CO detectors etc.
19. Buy a bag of food for a family in need
20. Send off a box of cheer to someone who needs it
21. Invite a single mom over for tea
22. Spend a day fasting, use the time to do something for someone else
23. Share my testimony of how God worked in my life
24. Make a de-clutter inventory list- 70% of our time can be spent on clutter
25. Plan a day to raise money for missions
26. Plan a mini retreat and go on it
27. Go camping
28. Volunteer on a Habitat for humanity project
29. Sew a blanket, an apron or something and give it away
30.  Take part in a community church outreach event
31. Visit a church you have never been to before
32. Write 3 birthday cards and send them to people
33.  Visit three people who have not had visitors at a nursing home
34. Visit a friend you have not visited in awhile
35. Invite someone over for tea or coffee
36. Take your children swimming
37. Take your children to the park
38. Think of a person who looked discouraged last week, and do something you think will encourage them 
39. Buy flowers and enjoy them
40. Give a plant to a friend
41. Be Brave, call someone and ask if they want to share a meal with you. If they cannot, call someone else until you find someone. Don’t be hurt if they cannot, keep trying.
42. Get my passport
43. Pick up a plastic bag of garbage outside, on the side of the road etc.
44. Start a compost pile
45.  Shovel someone’s sidewalk
46.  Give a jar of jam to a neighbor
47.  Send out three thinking of you cards
48.  Visit someone who is ill
49.  Donate a bag of diapers to the pregnancy center
50.  Check and see if there is a community event you can attend  that the money you spend goes to a good cause
51. Read a book about missions with your family
52. Bring a box of stuff you are getting rid of to the second hand store or Freecycle

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  1. mom

    So how are you doing on this list?
    Are you still doing one a week.
    Well, lets plan a camping trip and then you can cross off one more.

  2. mom

    So how are you doing on this list?
    Are you still doing one a week.
    Well, lets plan a camping trip and then you can cross off one more.

  3. recipefiend

    Yep, still have to one today though…I want to start the compost pile, but can't figure out how exactly without it being a sticky pile of garbage! I have a feeling camping is going to be day camping though…..unless it is by June's lake

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